Value of Social Capital in Building Resilient Community: A Study on a Coastal Community of Bangladesh

The people of the coastal area of Bangladesh are always facing extreme weather events. Humanitarian lessons of social and religious values play a vital role to help each other even if making one’s life endangers. This study was conducted to explore the vulnerability and strength of the community for their resilience in terms of social capital. This study was conducted in the village of Shyamnago rUpazilla of Satkhira District; an Aila-affected coastal community of Bangladesh during June 2018-December 2019. VRA protocols were used to collect data. The community people mentioned that their family integrity is breaking down day by day following seasonal migration and livelihood threats. Their value system is also endangered. Village politics, discrimination, and losing religious practices are the inevitable result of deteriorating trust. This study revealed that the amity among the community people is somehow good and the Government aid and policy as well as Information services are very favorable to building a resilient community. The investment of national and donors emphasized relief and the strengthening of institutional capacity but attention to the other human and social attributes which are also much more important for a resilient community should also give priority.