Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Indagare

Indagare Journal FAQ

Welcome to Indagare. Your research papers and articles are circulated internationally through this publication platform based on an open-access publishing model. We are focused on a quick and efficient high-level peer review process.


Question: Are Indagare Journal Papers peer-reviewed?

Answer: Yes, all papers are peer-reviewed by the Indagare Publication Committee and additional reviewers upon the author's request.


Question: What type of papers does Indagare accept and publish?

Answer: Indagare accepts and publishes a wide range of original works including, but not limited to, literature reviews, case studies, modeling, experimental findings, computational models, and more.


Question: When and where will my paper be published?

Answer: Non-peer-reviewed materials will be published online within 7 days of submission. Peer-reviewed papers, if requested by the author, will take approximately 30 days to be reviewed. Indagare also offers printed versions of the journal, and authors can receive printed copies on demand.


Question: Will I receive a certificate for the paper publication?

Answer: Yes, all authors will receive a certificate. Additionally, the Indagare Steering Committee awards one Best Paper Award in each printed issue.


Question: What is the required format for papers?

Answer: Please refer to our "Author Guidelines" for detailed formatting requirements.


Question: What is the limit for page counts?

Answer: Typically, we expect articles to be within 15 pages.


Question: Can I submit the paper to other journals or conferences?

Answer: Yes, you can. The copyright of your paper remains with you.

For more information or specific inquiries, please contact our editorial team.