Publication Policy

1. Author retains complete authority and responsibility for the accuracy of his article's data, findings, comments, and opinions. Indagare is free of any legal issues related to any article content. We do not take any copyright of the paper from the author. The author has full authority to reuse and sell his published material to anyone or publish it elsewhere.

2. Article to be written in English with appropriate references. For submission guidelines, check " Authors Guideline". The author possesses responsibility for all issues regarding plagiarism.

At Indagare, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of academic integrity and transparency. Our publication policies are designed to ensure that all research published on our platform is of the highest quality, ethically sound, and accessible to the global academic community. 

1. Open Access Policy

Indagare operates under an open-access model, meaning all published articles are freely accessible to the public. This policy promotes the dissemination of knowledge and ensures that research findings are available to everyone, regardless of their financial situation.


2. Free Publication for Students

We believe in supporting the next generation of researchers. As such, publishing articles in Indagare is completely free for students. There are no submission fees or publication charges for student-authored papers.


3. Professional Publication Fees

For professionals, we charge a fee based on content volumes to sustain our operations. This fee structure ensures that we can continue providing high-quality services and support to the academic community while maintaining our open-access model.


4. Peer Review Process

All submissions undergo a rigorous peer review process to ensure the quality and integrity of the research we publish. Each manuscript is reviewed by experts in the relevant field, who assess the validity, significance, and originality of the research. The peer review process is double-blind, meaning both reviewers and authors remain anonymous to each other.


5. Ethical Standards

Indagare adheres to strict ethical standards to ensure the integrity of the research we publish. Authors are expected to follow ethical guidelines in the conduct and reporting of their research. Any instances of plagiarism, data fabrication, or other forms of academic misconduct will be addressed in accordance with our ethical policies.


6. Author Responsibilities

Authors submitting to Indagare must:

Ensure that their research is original and has not been published elsewhere.

Properly acknowledge all sources and contributors.

 Disclose any conflicts of interest.

Obtain necessary permissions for any third-party materials used in their manuscript.


7. Reviewer Responsibilities

Reviewers play a crucial role in maintaining the quality of publications. They must:

Provide objective and constructive feedback.

Maintain confidentiality of the manuscript and review process.

Disclose any conflicts of interest that might bias their review.


8. Editorial Responsibilities

The editorial team at Indagare is committed to ensuring a fair and transparent publication process. Editors must:

-Make publication decisions based on the quality and relevance of the manuscript.

-Provide clear and timely communication with authors and reviewers.

-Uphold the integrity of the peer review process.


9. Corrections and Retractions

Indagare is committed to correcting any errors in published research. Authors are encouraged to notify the editorial team of any significant errors in their published work. If necessary, corrections or retractions will be issued to maintain the integrity of the academic record.


10. Data Sharing and Reproducibility

We encourage authors to make their data available to the public to enhance transparency and reproducibility. Authors should provide detailed descriptions of their methods and results to allow others to replicate their findings.

By adhering to these publication policies, Indagare aims to foster a culture of academic excellence and integrity. We are dedicated to supporting researchers, professionals, and students in sharing their knowledge and contributing to the advancement of humanity through open-access publishing.