Habit-Induced Concept of Human Motivation and Strategic Peace Building Approach in the World

Throughout history, philosophers, scholars, and social scientists have attempted to comprehend the true nature of the inner force that drives every human action and attitude. People endeavored to know ‘thyself’ to realize the sources of their own feelings, emotions, strengths, potentials, senses of interest, and causes of human conflicts. Enormous study findings are also available to identify the core source of human motivation that drives unity or disputes among people. Conflict reduction is one of the core agendas in peace-building, where strategic peace-building demands a long-term sustainable approach to eradicate causes of conflicts among people and nations. In a meta-analysis of human behavior, attitude, and actions related to peace and conflict, this study focus on the core nature of human behavior through a neurobiological evolutionary lens. A habit-induced model of human behavior can explain the needs of every human feelings, behaviors, and actions from birth to the termination of each life and possess a profound link in intra and international peace-building. The study finds a more robust strategic peace-building technique for humanity through an in-depth comprehension of the human mind.

Keywords: Habit, Behavior, conflict, Peace-building